Four New Trail Projects In preliminary Design Phase

In September 2022, the Eugene Parks Foundation began working with the City of Eugene to plan, design, and build four new trail/trailhead projects to increase and enhance our magnificent trail system.

A joint task force that includes staff from the Parks and Open Space Division and the Eugene Parks Foundation (EPF) board and volunteers recently scoped out the proposed projects with the help of Chris Bernhardt, a professional trail developer who will lead these projects for EPF.

Important design criteria will include quality of the trail experience, connectivity, proximity to transit, the ability to incorporate mountain bike areas, equity, and overall accessibility. To learn more, please visit www.eugeneparksfoundation.org.

 Click here to take a look at the preliminary trail maps!

The reason we are able to transition from an idea to a design phase and then onward to construction lies in the fact that we are small, effective, and focused.

We make the magic happen with the support of the City of Eugene, our extraordinary Board, and the key financial support of our LEGACY CIRCLE. The Eugene Park Foundation’s Legacy Circle consists of donors dedicated to sustaining our commitment to excellence in public parks and recreation services.

Here’s how the Legacy Circle works and why it’s a great time to become a member:
• Legacy Circle members pledge $1,200 a year for three years. Three-year pledges help create the financial stability and capacity to plan and deliver.

• Our goal is to recruit 30 new Legacy Circle members by the end of 2022. To help make this possible, a generous Legacy Circle donor will match your new member’s first-year gift of $1,200 if made by December 31st.

Please contact us at ariel@eugeneparksfoundation.org or visit our website for more information on becoming a Eugene Parks Foundation Legacy Circle Member.