The Eugene Parks Foundation is committed to creating exceptional parks, open spaces, and trails for the Eugene community and visitors.


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A Vision For The Future

Our vision for Eugene is a thriving, accessible parks and recreation system that improves health, brings community members together and enhances our environment.

Eugene’s Parks play a crucial role in community’s economic and social well-being, going beyond being mere green spaces. They are dynamic places that build and grow thriving communities that co-exist, protect, and preserve nature and wildlife habitats.

Eugene’s Parks provide livability, connection, and equity, making them the most democratic institutions that unify people from diverse backgrounds, bridging social divides through shared experiences.

$24 in ’24

The ’24 in ’24 initiative invites you to partner with the Eugene Parks Foundation in cultivating stronger communities throughout our region by investing in exceptional parks and open spaces. Your contribution of just $24 this year can help transform 2024 into a year characterized by unity, natural splendor, and communal pride.

Moreover, upon joining our cause with a $24 donation, you’ll gain access to exclusive perks from select local businesses in the area. After making a donation, donors will receive a link to access a private EPF page where the details of each perk will be provided.

Capital Projects

Ridgeline Trail Expansion

This expanded Ridgeline 3-mile Trail will originate at a new 50-vehicle trailhead parking lot at South Willamette near E. 52nd Ave and will head west towards South Eugene Meadows park with large areas of upland prairie, oak savanna, and oak woodlands.

Santa Clara Spray Play

The first of four brand-new, free and accessible Spray and Play Centers. Construction on the Santa Clara Spray and Play begins in 2024with Bethel, Mattie Reynolds, and Striker Field to follow.

Ascot Park Fitness Station

Five outdoor fitness stations are planned for the following locations: Ascot, Amazon, Golden Gardens, Maurie Jacobs, and Mattie Reynolds Parks.

Lectures and Podcasts

EPF firmly believes that realizing the Exceptional Parks Vision requires a collective effort. This segment is dedicated to fostering active, informed, and genuine dialogue with community leaders and influencers from diverse backgrounds. We aim to discuss topics related to our collective well-being, livelihood, prosperity, and growth, recognizing Exceptional Parks as integral contributors to these facets of our lives.

Current Initiatives

The Parks We Treasure


The Eugene Parks Foundation is launching a major capital project for building extraordinary parks in 11 Eugene neighborhoods.

Eugene 22 Miles Fund

The Eugene Parks Foundation will build new hiking and mountain biking trails around Eugene. Take a first look at the four trail projects we plan to build for you.

Legacy Circle

We are dedicated to supporting all aspects of parks for Eugene area residents and seek to continue this legacy of dedicating public parks through private funding with the establishment of a Legacy Circle.

Land Fund

Through the Land Fund we have already helped to acquire hundreds of acres of critical natural area property for public use.

I Dig EUG Parks

Choose and wear Eugene Parks apparel with pride and good intentions and proceeds are directed to Recreation Scholarships for our youth. 

Planned Giving

Planned or deferred giving enables you to arrange charitable contributions in a manner that maximizes personal objectives and financial goals.

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