Our Legacy Circle members ensure the Foundation’s ability to successfully plan, advocate, collaborate and fundraise for crucial capital projects that help Eugene provide extraordinary Parks and Recreation services to its residents, projects that otherwise would not have been built. 

Thank you dear members,  


Legacy Circle Members


Dr. Alice Moffitt

Allan Hancock

Andy Fernandez

Dr. Andy McIvor, Board member

Ann Cole

Anne Turner

Ariel Lissman, Executive Director  

Charlie and Mary Loeb

Claire Syrett, Board member  

Coconut Bliss/ Moshe Shalchon

Dana Cohen Lissman

Daniel Paulson and Linda Hesketh 

Daniel Sheerin

Dave Funk

Dick and Jinny Ralls

Dr. Dusty McCourt, Board member  

Ellen Tykeson

Eric Winquist

Evan Sanders

Fraser McDonald

Gaylene Carpenter

Gordon Lafer

Greg Page

Gwyneth Iredale

Helen Reed

Jennifer and Scott Thibert

Jenny Ulum

Jill Fetherstonhaugh

Jim Torrey

John Alcott

John and Janet Jacobsen

John Etter

John Winquist, Board member  

Jon Anderson 

Kearstin Krehbiel, Board member

Kenny Helphand, Board member

Kevin Alltucker

Kevin Shanley

Lana Lindstrom

Linda Laviolette

Linda Wheatley, Board Member 

Liz Von Wellsheim

Lawrence Dunlap

Mayor Lucy Vinis

Mark Pangborn

Mark Shumaker, Board member

Melissa Sanders

Michael and Sarah Koester

Pat Walsh

Paul Orum

Pem Winquist

Roger and Tracy Jeanty

Scott Sanders

Sharon Meyers and Leah Edelman

Sharon Ungerlieder

Sidney Sparks

Sue Zeni and Kirk Hendrickson

Susan Markley

Terry Smith, Board member

Tim Blood and Janet Dahlgern

Tom Happy

Dr. Thomas Newman 

Dr. Tom Jefferson

Valerie Close

Valerie Perrott, Board member

Virginia Donahue