Our Legacy Circle members ensure the Foundation’s ability to successfully plan, advocate, collaborate and fundraise for crucial capital projects that help the City of Eugene provide extraordinary Parks and Recreation services to our residents. Projects that otherwise would not have been build. 


Legacy Circle Members


Allan Hancock
Andy Fernandez
Andy Mcivor, Board member
Ariel Lissman, Executive Director
Art Farley
Brian Obie
Chris Pryor
Claire Syrett, Board member
Coconut Bliss
Dana Turell
Darryl Larson
Dick and Jinny Ralls
Eric Winquist
Gaylene Carpenter
Jennifer and Scott Thibert
Jill Fetherstonhaugh, Board member
John Alcott

John Winquist, Board member
Kirsten Haugen, Board member
Linda Laviolette
Linda Weatley, Board member
Lori Bumgardner, Board member
Mark Shumaker, Board member
Pem Winquist
Scott Sanders, Board member
Sharon Meyers and Leah Edelman
Terry Smith, Board member
Tim Blood and Janet Dahlgern
Tod Young
Tom Happy
Tom Jefferson
Kevin Shanley
Liz Von Wellsheim