Join the Legacy Circle

The Foundation’s charge is to ensure that every person living within Eugene is able to use the City’s facilities. We want to make sure that physical challenges or economic struggles don’t ever get in the way of people enjoying their parks and recreation services.

Our Legacy Circle members ensure the Foundation’s ability to successfully plan, advocate, collaborate and fundraise for crucial capital projects that help the City of Eugene provide extraordinary Parks and Recreation services to our residents. Projects that otherwise would not have been build. 

Each of our Legacy Circle Members invest an annual gift of $1,200 or more for 3 years to Eugene Parks Foundation.

Eugene Parks Foundation is a smart investment for three main reasons: 

* We match your contribution – your three-year pledge will be matched one-to-one by our current and former Board member matching fund, doubling the impact of your gift. 

* Strong partnerships – We have the full support and cooperation of the city of Eugene. It means that every project we choose will also become a top priority for the City. In fact, to make sure the Foundation and City are synchronized, the City’s parks and recreation directors sit on our board. 

* Strong leadership – Our board and staff are a phenomenal mix of municipal and community leaders, private sector top executives, and nonprofit, education and health experts. 

There are two ways you can make that transaction: 

1) Send a check via mail with your contact information to: 

Eugene Parks Foundation 

PO Box 11618 

Eugene, OR 97440 


2) Contact us at ariel@eugeneparksfoundation.org and we’ll reach back to process your membership.  

3) Click the link below and submit your contribution via Pay-pal or Credit Card.