Legacy Circle

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The Legacy Circle is a group of donors dedicated to sustaining our city’s historic commitment to excellence in public parks and recreation services through annual gifts of $1,200 or more to Eugene Parks Foundation.

Since 2004, the Foundation has served as the charitable arm of the City of Eugene for parks and recreation services.

The City excels at serving the public with its available resources, but the needs of the community are greater than those funds. The Foundation exists to provide resources for special projects the City cannot fund. The Foundation can make the impossible possible and can accelerate vital community projects that would otherwise lack funding.

The Foundation’s charge is to ensure that every person living within Eugene is able to use the City’s facilities. We want to make sure that physical challenges or economic struggles don’t ever get in the way of people enjoying their parks and recreation services.

Legacy Circle donors help create the financial stability needed for the Foundation to continue its critical partnership with the City of Eugene and area nonprofit organizations, leveraging efforts of all to serve our diverse community.