Ridgeline Trail Expansion

Eugene Parks Foundation is building three miles of Ridgeline Trail Expansion to connect South Eugene Meadows to the Ridgeline Trail System and Spencer Butte. 

This expanded Ridgeline Trail segment will originate at a new 50-vehicle trailhead parking lot at South Willamette near E. 52nd Ave. and will head west toward South Eugene Meadows through a donated trail easement.

The new trail will open previously inaccessible park areas while protecting fragile, unique upland oak and grasslands habitats, creating an opportunity to experience and enjoy one of Eugene’s undiscovered treasures.

Construction of the trail is planned for 2024!

All permissions required are in process, and a wellrespected trail designer has been engaged.
For more information or to schedule a “project walk” with us, please email Board member John Winquist at trails@eugeneparksfoundation.org or call us at 541-239-3451.

Naming Opportunities

Entire Project Sponsorship – $250,000
52nd and Willamette Trailhead – $100,000
South Eugene Meadows Trailhead – $50,000
Trail Segments – $50,000
Map Kiosk at Trailhead – $25,000
Directional Markers – $20,000
Benches – $15,000