Eugene’s Parks Maintenance Endowment

When you choose to donate to the parks’ maintenance endowment of EPF, it can bring significant and enduring effects on Eugene parks and trails. Here are the key impacts of making a donation to this endowment:

  • Legacy and Perpetuity: By contributing to the EPF’s parks maintenance endowment, your donation becomes a part of a lasting legacy. It ensures that your commitment to our parks and trails is preserved indefinitely. The impact of your contribution extends far into the future, benefiting upcoming generations and ensuring the continuity of the organization’s work. The EPF’s parks maintenance endowment allows your philanthropy to have a perpetual impact, leaving behind a meaningful and enduring legacy.
  • Financial Stability and Resilience: An EPF’s parks maintenance endowment provides a financial cushion that helps withstand economic downturns, fluctuations in funding sources, or unexpected expenses. Having a robust endowment empowers Eugene Parks Foundation to establish a more secure financial foundation and reduces its dependence on other funding avenues, such as grants or donations, which can vary over time.
  • Enhanced Planning and Flexibility: Endowments offer our parks greater flexibility and planning capabilities. With a sustainable funding source, the EPF can focus on long-term planning, strategic initiatives, and innovative projects without relying solely on short-term funding cycles. This flexibility enables the organization to seize opportunities, respond to emerging needs, and invest in areas that align with its mission and long-term goals.
  • Expanded Impact and Reach: An EPF’s parks maintenance endowment allows us to expand the impact and reach of our community. The reliable income generated from the endowment can be utilized to scale existing programs, launch new initiatives, or extend services to underserved populations or geographic areas. By donating to the endowment, you contribute to Eugene parks’ ability to make a broader and deeper impact on the communities and causes we serve.