About Eugene Parks Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people and resources in ways that improve parks and recreation for the enjoyment and well-being of all. The Foundation aims to accomplish this by bringing financial support and public advocacy to Eugene’s parks, natural areas and recreation services to enhance the quality of our park system and ensure accessibility. We believe physical challenges and economic struggles should never be a barrier to enjoyment of our parks and recreation services.

Our Work

The Foundation can make the impossible possible and accelerate vital community projects that would otherwise lack funding. It also serves as a collaborative and accountable local resource for all. Past projects include:

Accessible Play at Amazon Park
Recreation Scholarships
Washington Spray Play
Riverfront Park System Wayfinding
2018 Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy

Our Future

The Eugene Parks Foundation is growing.

This is an exciting and transformational time. As the Foundation expands its vision and project goals to reach more of the community, the relationship between the Foundation and the City of Eugene continues to strengthen, building on the legacy of the public-private partnership.

With City support, the Foundation is currently working with a consultant to increase its impact and capacity.

The focus of the work is three-fold: expand the Board of Directors in a strategic recruitment process; fundraise for the Foundation’s core operations, allowing the hire of a part-time executive director; and, create a campaign council of community leaders, attracting significant philanthropic investment in a public-private partnership with the City for both expanded access to recreation and a capital project.

By supporting our parks and recreation programs, we are investing in the communities who depend on them and helping to ensure that these valuable public amenities are accessible for generations to come.