Friends Of The Ridgeline

Preserving Ridgeline Trail

The goal of Friends of the Ridgeline is to support the development and maintenance of the ridgeline preservation and trail corridor from Mt Pisgah to Fern Ridge. The Eugene Parks Foundation Legacy Land Fund maintains a special account for donations made in support of the Friends of the Ridgeline activities. Donations made to the fund are held for use in acquisition and maintenance projects as opportunities are presented. Donors may specify specific projects for their donation or they may designate the funds to be used as needed by the Friends of the Ridgeline. The EPF and Friends of Ridgeline are volunteer organizations with very low administrative costs. Both financial and volunteer donations are appreciated.

Examples of Fund Use:

  • Donated funds have been used to purchase a small, but vital trail connection easement.
  • The seller was inclined to support the trail but felt he needed some reimbursement.
  • An appraisal was paid for an easement donor to facilitate the donation of a two acre easement, again an important connection was achieved (the easement donor subsequently also made a cash donation).
  • It can be the case that a donor is willing to make a property or easement donation but does not wish to incur the costs of appraisal, legal fees, and surveying.
  • Having a readily available fund to assist with these costs can facilitate a valuable property donation.

Matching Donated Funds: In collaboration with public and private preservation organizations it is often possible to achieve a two or three times match for donated funds. Negotiations are currently underway for acquisition projects that will result in a three times match for local funds. Naming Opportunities: There are acknowledgement and memorial opportunities for trail segments, benches , wayside markers etc. Please contact a member of the Friends of the Ridgeline steering committee for more information.

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For more information: please contact John Winquist, 541-344-1125 or reach us at

Steering Committee:

  • Art Farley
  • John Winquist
  • Teresa Bishow