Give to EPF with No Additional Cost

E-scrip is a simple and painless way to give to a great cause while you do your regular shopping at NO additional cost. There are participating local merchants, including Market of Choice and Safeway, and many online merchants who will make a donation to the Eugene Parks Foundation for a percentage of every sale that is made on your registered debit or credit card. A couple can easily donate around $100 per year through their normal shopping patterns. Consider what ten, twenty or even fifty registered shoppers would do!

To register:

Go to escrip.com

Go to step 1 “sign up”
Search for Eugene Parks Foundation
Click on Eugene Parks Foundation
Click “next” and fill out “supporter registration”
Click “next” and register any of the grocery or community cards you wish
Click “next” and register any credit or debit cards you would be using
Click “next” to register merchant cards
Click “next” and confirm your registration information

Go to escrip.com for more details.