Bring the Beat Amazon

Eugene’s First Fully-Inclusive Playground

In the early 1980’s, Amazon Park Playground broke new ground as one of the first fully wheelchair accessible play structures int he country. This summer, the playground was remodeled and took this legacy of accessibility to an unprecedented level. It is now proudly Eugene’s first fully-inclusive playground for all ages and mobility.

There’s just one thing missing: Music

Why is music so important? One in 20 children in the United States has some kind of disability, whether it’s learning, mobility or developmental. For these children, sensory stimulation is key. And, there’s no better place to grow than a playground. Spinning, swinging and climbing are sensory activities already available at Amazon, but one missing component is the auditory experience. Drums, chimes and xylophones will transform this playground into a musical arena for kids of all ages to shine in a solo or create their own band.

Your donation will bring joy to generations of families

Join the Eugene Parks Foundation is completing the fully-inclusive vision at Amazon Community Park. Musical instruments are available for your sponsorship. Prices range from $2,500 to $10,000. Ash us how you can contribute!

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