Bike Safety Education

Supporting Safety on Two Wheels

The Eugene Parks Foundation is pleased to support the Eugene-Springfield Bicycle Safety and Pedestrian Education Programs, a partnership of the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District, Eugene School District 4J, Bethel School District, and Springfield School District.

The Bicycle Safety Education Program teaches traffic skills through classroom activities and on-the-bike practice. The goals are to increase bike ridership and safety among youth so they can have fun traveling predictably, visibly, and legally throughout our community. Every year, we teach more than 1000 students the ten-hour award-winning “Safe Routes for Kids – Bicycle Safety Program Curriculum” compiled by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) in Portland, Oregon.

There are many health benefits associated with biking and walking that counteract the obesity epidemic in our country, including improved cardio-vascular fitness, improved coordination, and increased muscle tone, strength and brain function.
An complementary Pedestrian Safety Education gives 2nd and 3rd grade students basic skills and knowledge to be safe pedestrians. Students learn lifelong methods for getting around their community using alternative transportation.

Jump on board and help our young people become healthier, more active community members. To donate in support of this program, click on our Giving tab and select BikePed Safety Education from the menu there. For more information about the program, contact Allison Camp at Lane Transit District, [email protected]

EPF is serving as fiscal agent for this project.